Bulletins and Alerts

VSA industry communications feature regulatory updates, legislation updates and industry specific news, and are the primary source of communication between the VSA and the vehicle sales industry. If you have questions or would like to subscribe, please contact VSA Communications.

February 1 – Compliance Activities from April 1 to December 31, 2023
March 19 – Visiting the Auto Show? Get your Tim Hortons gift card!
May 7 – Complaint and Investigation increases between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024

December 14 – Fraudulent Transactions

January 5 – Consultative Communication: Fee Increase
March 13 – Update from ICBC: Trim Level on Bill of Sale
March 20 – VSA Fee Increase Notification
April 3 – Announcement: New VSA Website
May 3 – New Online Dispute Resolution Service: Connector

March 1 – FRAUD Identity & Credit

September 10 – Dealerships will not be able to Register Vehicles through Brokers on Sunday, September 11

November 25 – RV Trailer Length Update & Competition Act Amendment

August 31 – Important Considerations When Advertising Vehicles

June 21 – GAP Insurance – Vehicle Loyalty Products

June 13 – End of temporary number plates, reminders about decal elimination and documents on plain paper

May 5 – Announcement: New Registrar Appointed Kenneth Affleck

April 21 – Learning & Development Erroneous Auto-Generated Email

March 18 – Fee Increase

February 23 – BC Government Update on Taxes of EV’s

February 22 – Identifying Flood-Damaged Vehicles

February 17 – Fee Increase Feedback Opportunity

December 12 – Announcement: New CEO – Ian Christman

November 8 – Continuing Education: Online Registration & Payment

March 25 – Deceptive Acts when ending Consumer Lease Agreements; Annual Compensation Fund Fee waived

Other topics: 2021 Continuing Education reminder

February 25 – Continuing Education (CE) Unit announced; RV Gas Safety Inspection Reminder

Other topics: COVID-19 VSA office reminder

February 24 – Gas Safety Inspection Recommendations of Recreational Vehicles

January 21 – Compliance activities from October 1 to December 31, 2020

Other topics: COVID-19 VSA office reminder

November 25 – Potential FRAUD: Identity & Credit

November 5 – Potential Trade-in of Stolen Trailer: Summerland RV

October 1 – Tax Changes for Resellers

September 24 – Recall Best Practises

July 30 – Fake ID Alert (BCDL)

July 13 – ALERT: Identity Fraud & Vehicle Theft

June 17 – ALERT: Credit Card Fraud

January 23 – Stolen vehicle

January 14 – Credit card fraud resulting in the purchase of a vehicle

December 17 – Release agreements & public interest

Other topics: Reminder of when wholesale licences are required; The new VSA website and updated online services portal

November 26Compliance activities from July 1 – September 30, 2020

Other topics: COVID-19 office reminders

November 18New VSA website and online licensee services

Other topics: What it means for you and changes to the licensing courses

October 26Credit checks, hard inquiries & credit scores

Other topics: Advertising cash vs. finance price; Online salesperson applications temporarily unavailable starting November 1

September 30The VSA welcomes new President & CEO, Stephen Simms

September 17 – Hail & flood damaged vehicles

Other topics: What you need to know and additional information

September 14Continuing education deferral expires October 1

Other topics: How to complete continuing education requirement

July 31Compliance activities from April 1 – June 30, 2020

Other topics: COVID-19 office reminders

July 9Wholesale transaction requirements

Other topics: Signed wholesale agreement; Wholesale auction requirements

May 28Is your COVID-19 Safety plan ready?

Other topics: VSA Langley office updates for COVID-19

April 23Compliance activities from January 1 – March 31, 2020

April 21What you need to know about motor dealer online sales

Other topics: Distance sales webinar; Farewell to Loree Gray

April 6E-Commerce and Distance sales

Other topics: Distance sales webinar

April 3COVID-19 Industry update

Other topics: Salesperson licensing, licensing course, dealer inspections & investigations, distance sales & advertising

March 17COVID-19 Response – office closure notice

Other topics: What this means for you

February 25Continuing education unit announced

Other topics: What this means for you

February 10Salesperson licence application update – new and improved

Other topics: Annual Compensation Fund fee waived

January 16Compliance activities from October 1 – December 31, 2019

November 28Advertising total price when incentives are available

Other topics: Salesperson licensing course, now self study format

November 8Compliance restructuring, Industry Standards & Investigations

Other topics: New direction & structure; What’s next?

October 29Compliance activities from July 1 – September 30

September 26Referral programs are illegal in BC

Other topics: Bird dogging

July 12Compliance activities from April 1 – June 30

June 3Industry Code of Conduct for posting

Other topics: PDF version also available; Deadline for regulatory update extended

May 14Documenting 2 dealer transactions

Other topics: Dealer numbers and names must be accurate; VSA new board members

April 24Selling modified vehicles

Other topics: What this means

April 8Compliance activities from January 1 – March 31

March 12Advertising offers or discounts

Other topics: ‘Scrap it’ program advertising; Tim Hortons cards available for salespeople at VIAS

March 1New Industry Code of Conduct – Part 2

Other topics: Code of Conduct frequently asked questions

March 1New Industry Code of Conduct – Part 1

Other topics: Plain language version code of conduct

January 29Lessons from consumer complaints

Other topics: Mark Bakken elected VSA Board Chair

January 16Compliance activities from October 1 – December 31, 2018

December 4 – Curbing compliance activities

Other topics: What is a compliance order?

November 20 – Vehicle history reports must be used properly

Other topics: Jim Nicolson joins the VSA Board of Directors

November 8 – Wholesaler licenses for dealers

Other topics: Mark Bakken joins the VSA Board of Directors; Mary Childs joins the Compensation fund board

October 17 – Compliance activities from July 1 – September 30

September 13 – Wholesale transactions and licensing frequently asked questions

Other topics: Wholesale licensing; Auction faqs

July 31 – Compliance activities from April 1 – June 30

Other topics: Undertakings

July 25 – Compliance activities from April 1 – June 30

Other topics: Registrar’s Decisions & Judicial Review

July 3 – VSA Welcomes Loree Gray as new President

May 29 – Farewell message from Graeme Roberts

Other topics: VSA Annual Report 2017-2018 available online

May 23 – Revised Advertising Guidelines available

Other topics: Arash Askarian joins the VSA Board of Directors; Wholesaler & Broker Agent licensing update

May 1 – Motor Dealer Act Amendments – Part 5

Other topics: Wholesale auction requirements; Todd Follett joins the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund board

April 5 – Licensing Reminder – Transactions with unlicensed businesses

Other topics: Licensed wholesalers & broker agents; Compliance activities from January 1 – March 31, 2018

March 22 – Offsite sale & marketing event reminder

Other topics: Consignment sale requirements; Administrative penalties now an option for violations of the Motor Dealer Act

March 8Motor Dealer Act Amendments – Part 4

Other topics: Wholesalers; Broker Agents & Broker Agent Representatives

February 20Motor Dealer Act Amendments – Part 3

Other topics: E-Commerce; Inventory defined; Motor Dealer Act exemptions clarified; Salesperson Licensing Regulation clarified

February 6Motor Dealer Act Amendments – Part 2

Other topics: Customer Compensation fund changes; Annual compensation fund fee waived for fiscal year 2018-2019

February 2 – No fee increases for motor dealers & salespeople for new fiscal year

January 24 – Highschool buying tips movie released

Other topics: School outreach; Auto sector careers; Salesperson licensing course goes province wide

January 17Motor Dealer Act Amendments – Part 1

Other topics: Administrative penalties curbers, increased fairness & transparency

January 9 – Compliance activities from October 1 to December 31, 2017

Other topics: Salesperson licensing webinar goes province wide

December 5 – VSA launches high school car buying tips

Other topics: School outreach; Auto sector careers programming

November 22 – Inaccurate ownership documentation

Other topics: Documentation requirements of a licensed dealer; Creditors & Co-signers; Financing misrepresented as a lease; Consumer consent is not relevant

November 8Motor Dealer Act amendments approved

Other topics: Confirmation by the registrar

November 2 – Using MSRP in advertising – samples

November 1 – Using MSRP in advertising – additional concerns for RVs

Other topics: VSA appoints new manager of compliance & investigations

October 31 – Using MSRP in advertising – a caution

Other topics: Competition Bureau guidance

October 19 – Compliance activities from April 1 to September 30

September 19 – Salesperson certification webinar goes province wide

Other topics: 2016/2017 Annual report available online

September 13 – Flood vehicles in BC

Other topics: Reasons to avoid buying or selling a flood vehicle by error; What is a flood damaged vehicle? ARA adds expertise to powersport division

August 16 – Website upgrades

Other topics: Advanced search; Licensing course manual now online

August 1 – Dealer records, a reminder

Other topics: Documents that must be kept and for how long

July 18 – Compliance activities from April 1 to June 30

July 7 – RVs & motorcycles offer special challenges

Other topics: MSRP & savings claims for vehicles; Motorcycles, RVs & history reports; Canadians demand trust & transparency in vehicle purchases

June 19 – Adjustable inspection intervals implemented

Other topics: Two advertising reminders; desktop tent cards available

April 4 – Compliance activities from January 1 to March 31

March 21 – Sales documents must be given to buyer

Other topics: Improper dealership practices to restrict export

March 8 – Letgo.com – Remember, advertising rules apply

Other topics: Strategic Business Plan highlights VSA goals & strategies

February 21 – Annual compensation fund fee waived for fiscal year 2017/2018

Other topics: Fee waiver a result of reduced compensation fund activity; Compensation Fund Board welcomes Bill Kwok

February 7 – Sample deposit agreement simplified

Other topics: Driver’s licences & test drives

January 24 – Consumer privacy matters

Other topics: Personal information requirements; Credit checks; Salesperson licence renewals going paperless; VSA logo use update

January 10 – Compliance activities from October 1 to December 31, 2016

Other topics: VSA works to shut down scam website

December 6 – Consumer referral fees

Other topics: Bird dogging; Public-at-large member needed for the compensation fund board

November 15 – Vehicle auctions in BC – Part 2

Other topics: Specific compliance concerns for BC vehicle auctions; Required disclosures; Vehicle safety; Operation of unsafe vehicles; Misrepresentation of material facts; ‘As is, where is’ may be misleading

November 9 – Vehicle auctions in BC Part 1

Other topics: Auction types & licensing; Requirements of a public auction licensed as a motor dealer; Other auction types

October 24 – British Columbians confident in vehicle sales industry

Other topics: Confidence in vehicle sales industry chart

September 27 – Improper insurance practices identified

Other topics: Potential outcomes; Update on VSA logo use

September 13 — Display of the VSA logo now allowed

Other topics: Authorization request options; Sample logos for advertising & websites

August 23 – CARPROOF Glass record reporting enhanced

Other topics: Damage disclosure best practices

August 11 – Advertising, Total price & dealer fees: avoiding misrepresentation about price

Other topics: Definition of total price; Accurate representation of added fees; Examples of misrepresentation regarding price; Advertising best practices

July 26 – Application of the Motor Dealer Amendments Act of 2016

Other topics: Licensing Non-compliance; Salespeople must be licensed immediately; Authorized spokesperson contact must be current

July 13 – Warning to Richmond used car buyers

Other topics: Arthur Tong

July 5 – Compliance activities from April 1 to June 30

June 14 – Two (2) dealer transactions

Other topics: Compensation fund board welcomes Ian Moore

May 30 – Motor Dealer Act amendments move forward

Other topics: New licence categories; Motor Dealer Customer Compensation fund changes; Electronic documents; E-commerce; RV reminder, dual VINs & model years

May 12 – VSA consumer satisfaction improves

Other topics: New online learning platform launches

May 5 – Recall best practices

Other topics: Frequently asked questions (faqs)

April 26 – Advertising reminders – Part 2

Other topics: Dealer compliance in national ads; Total price of vehicle; Tire levy on new vehicles; Air conditioning tax; Battery levy

April 19 – Advertising reminders – Part 1

Other topics: Marketing campaigns

April 7 – Compliance activities from January 1 – March 31

April 1 – VSA at the 2016 Vancouver International Auto Show

Other topics: Ken Robertson appointed to the VSA board

February 18 – Legislative proposals focus on unlicensed selling

Other topics: New consumer protection authority; Enhancing existing powers

February 10 – Compensation fund Questions & Answers

Other topics: When was the compensation fund established; Why was the compensation fund established; How did the creation of the compensation fund benefit consumers; How did the creation of the compensation fund benefit dealers; What types of losses are eligible for compensation; What claims are not eligible

January 27 – Unlicensed salespeople results in dealer suspension

Other topics: Off-road vehicles & the VSA; No compensation fund waiver for fiscal year

January 13 – Compliance activities from September 1 – December 31, 2015

December 15 – Financing enquiries & complaints rise dramatically

Other topics: Don’t forget, salespeople can connect with the VSA

December 1 – Registrar’s draft rules

Other topics: Comments needed within 45 days

November 17 – Vehicle history reports: how to choose?

Other topics: Dealer number required in all online advertising

November 3 – Compliance critical for insurance sales

Other topics: Creditors Group Insurance (CGI) compliance; Reminder from the insurance council of BC; VSA oversight

October 7 – Warranty complaints grow

Other topics: Unreported marketing staff creates liability

September 24 – Recall Frequently asked questions (faqs)

Other topics: What does the VSA tell consumers about recalls on new & used vehicles? Can I sell a vehicle with an outstanding recall? Who decides if a recall is material? What are the best practices with regard to buying or selling vehicles with recalls?

September 15 – Walt the curber

September 1 – Compliance activities from April 1 to August 31

August 6 – Consumer rights in distance sales contracts

Other topics: What is a distance sales contract; consumer protections under the BPCPA; Right to inspect under the Sale of Goods Act; Registrar’s jurisdiction

July 14 – Lease-end inspection fees, when are they legal?

Other topics: Lease-end buy out inspections; What is not legal; Protecting your dealership; Role of the VSA

July 3 – Website redesign launches

June 23 – Push, pull or drag sales – are they legal?

Other topics: Walt the curber in Cariboo & North

June 3 – VSA Annual Report available online

Other topics: Copying driver’s licences still a concern; Bill 18 receives royal assent

May 20 – Salesperson licensing reduces risk for dealers, criminal record check a critical step

Other topics: Remember, checking the VSA website for the status of a new hire is easy

May 7 – Legislative changes impact the role of the registrar

Other topics: Non-CSA compliant RVs, BC Safety Authority Directive & informational bulletin; Compensation fund board welcomes Darlene Hyde as Chair

April 21 – Compliance activities from April 1 – March 31, 2015

Other topics: Judicial reviews by BC Supreme Court

April 7 – Regulatory update Part 2

Other topics: Misleading advertising puts Avis & Budget at risk for $30 million penalty; VSA strategic business plan available online; $1.1 million penalty for breach of Canadas anti-spam legislation

March 24 – Regulatory update Part 1

Other topics: Insurance council of BC fines dealers for unlicensed sales & improper practices; Inhouse financing & leasing compliance; VSA at the auto show

March 2 – Copying driver’s licences for test drives

Other topics: Privacy concerns addressed by privacy commissioner; Reminder – Changing dealer ownership? The dealer licence is not for sale

February 23 – Finance placement fees

Other topics: Recommended practices; Dealer finance fees are brokerage fees; Legal requirements

February 12 – Selling uninspected, potentially unsafe vehicles

Other topics: Annual compensation fund fee waived; Motorcycle advertising guidelines

January 23 – Product specialists & salespeople: same licence

Other topics: ARA proposes expanded inspection program; AirCare data no longer available

December 11 – ARA proposes expanded inspection program

Other topics: Salesperson licence status added

November 20 – Documenting names: a clarification

Other topics: Additional compensation fund resources added

October 28 – Leasing Reminder

Other topics: Cooling off period waiver; One clear day; Lease buy-out inspections

October 6 – Continuing education well established

Other topics: Walt is back!; Licensed salespeople tops 7,000

September 18 – Recall concerns & best practices

Other topics: Registrar visits motorcycle dealers

August 21 – Compensation fund decisions added to website

Other topics: Offering a rebate? Make sure it’s advertised correctly

July 30 – All-in pricing continues to expand

Other topics: Dealers need to make accurate representations

June 27 – Canada’s new anti-spam legislation takes effect July 1

Other topics: Continuing education module two, privacy for salespeople

June 17 – VSA consumer service survey drives planning

Other topics: Salesperson satisfaction with specific interactions

June 3 – Continuing education registration opens

Other topics: Compensation fund board welcomes Wendy Baker

May 29 – Registrar’s decisions upheld by BC Supreme Court

May 22 – Annual report available

Other topics: Compensation fund activity; New VSA board member; Salesperson blog delayed

May 12 – New dealer licence decal for public display

Other topics: Salesperson licences expire June 1

April 10 – VSA works to drive buyers to licensed dealers

Other topics: Motorcycle advertising; 2014 Vancouver international auto show

March 24 – Walt the Curber makes his debut

Other topics: Online continuing education program

March 10 – ICBC issues revised APV9T form

Other topics: ICBC announces new salvage buying agreement

February 24 – More on declarations, disclosures and material facts

Other topics: Annual compensation fund fee waived; dealer licensing fee adjustment completed

February 11 – Questions & answers about damage declarations

Other topics: Frequently asked questions

January 23 – Demo plate do’s & don’ts

Other topics: Course registration for new salespeople; Key management crucial; Hurry, deadline for prizes is January 29

January 9 – Interest rates & financing representations

Other topics: Tapping a $900 million market: Private sales

December 10 – All salespeople must be licensed

Other topics: Accurately advertising a vehicle warranty

December 3 – Vehicle history reports: an overview

Other topics: $137,000 Judgement a reminder to dealers

November 26 – Database conversion complete & online services restored

Other topics: Salesperson advertising could commit dealer to lower price

October 28 – Online continuing education program announced

Other topics: Online advertising & sold vehicles

October 2 – Consumer confidence rising, survey says

Other topics: Confidence in the motor vehicle sales industry

September 11 – RV Registration – Which VIN & model year

Other topics: Representatives needed

August 28 – Two (2) Dealer transactions: a reminder

Other topics: Is the Vehicle New or Used; Check for Canadian flood damaged vehicles

July 29 – Dealer opportunities – VSA consumer complaint handling

Other topics: New structural integrity inspection requirements; PST tax exemptions for first nations

July 3  – Flood damaged vehicles

Other topics: New consumer consent form for insurance brokers; Dealer alert update

June 19 – Best practices for obtaining credit checks

Other topics: Annual report now available online

June 6 – Dealer associations introduce standardized purchase agreement

Other topics: Salesperson advisory committee meets Tuesday; VSA online services improved & restored; PST update

May 16 – Dealers must ensure all sales & consumer involved office staff are licensed

Other topics: New board members appointed to salesperson advisory committee

April 11 – Accurate presentation of additional products needed

Other topics: Annual compensation fund fee waived-a reminder; Salesperson spotlight

April 5 – Nairn McKenna appointed to VSA board

Other topics: Board members & officers reappointed; Vancouver International Auto Show

March 19 – Annual compensation fund fee waived

Other topics: Dealer Licensing fee adjustment continues; Online services available through March 28; Online PST resources available

March 6 – All-in pricing expands throughout Canada

Other topics: PST notices available online; Counterfeit air bags imported to BC

January 31 – Planning ahead for Spring special sales events

Other topics: Dealership security & key box management critical; Shopper haunts lower mainland dealerships; PST re-implementation resources for motor vehicle sales

January 17 – Online Advertising tips

Other topics: Consumer online behaviour revealed; Compliance tips for online advertising; RCMP recommends charges for Southwest RV dealer principal

November 27 – Financing & insurance practices put dealer and consumer at risk

Other topics : 27% of US salvage vehicles get retitled

November 15 – Registrar’s clarifications

Other topics : What is a salesperson; What is an off-site sale?; Watch out for Hurricane Sandy vehicles

October 30 – Credit check practices – recent consumer complaints prompt reminder

Other topics : New hire process at Carson Automotive Group aids salesperson licensing; Used vehicle buying concerns & Solutions highlighted in Vancouver Sun article

October 12 – Insurance council issues new requirements

Other topics : Local government relationship stops unlicensed selling; What’s New added to VSA website

September 25 – Dealerships creating liability with unreported ownership changes

Other topics : 2012 VSA Annual Report available online

September 10 – Regional representatives needed

Other topics : CarProof disclosure form

July 3 – VSA welcomes Jay Chambers as new President

Other topics : Reminder from ICBC – plates from leased vehicles not being cancelled

May 17 – No details in consolidated ICBC vehicle history report

Other topics : VSA board member update; VSA staff update

March 19 – HST on Trade-ins

Other topics : New registrar appointed; Curber found in contempt of court and fined;

January 17 – Dealer fee restructuring

Other topics : Revised dealer licence fees; VSA annual report online; Condolences Bob Clarke

December 30 – Dealer best practices – deposits – What you should know about deposits

Other topics : VSA Curber conference 2011

October 7 – Industry, Compliance & Licensing – Cooperation works

Other topics : Mall licensing; Recent VSA hearing decisions

August 18 – Learning department continues to deliver

Other topics : Manager of compliance and investigations; Strategic business plan

June 14 – Illegal tinting comes back to haunt motor dealer

Other topics : Important notice from ICBC; Recent VSA hearing decisions

March 2 – Lease-end buy out

Other topics : Reminder from ICBC; Frequently asked questions (faq); Level 2 salesperson course makes an impact

January 19 – APV9T forms changed – Damage reports are “cumulative” not per incident

Other topics : Accidents vs. damage

December 23 – Lease disclosure – are your leasing agreements compliant?

Other topics : Don’t put your dealership or licence at risk

December 21 – Lien Checks – Don’t risk losing the vehicle or the sale

Other topics: Don’t put your dealership or licence at risk

November 15 – Dynamic action by AutoCanada – Cooperation pays dividends

Other topics : Checklist every dealer should note

November 2 – ICBC Vehicle history reports significantly improved

Other topics : Frequently asked questions (faq) about vehicle history reports; Motor Dealer Customer Compensation fund, a notable public-private success story

October 25 – Is your sales contest an illegal lottery?

October 6 – Beware of marketing companies – sales blitzes by out-of-town “experts”

Other topics : New consumer videos on the VSA website; Unlicensed new hires remain a problem

October 1 – Registrar cancels salesperson licence

Other topics : VSA Annual report now available

June 30 – New APV9T Transfer Tax form

June 11 – Four dealership failures impact compensation fund

Other topics : VSA General Guidelines; Dealer issued conditional licence

May 20 – Dealers must ensure all sales & consumer involved office staff are licensed

Other topics: Renew online; Conditional licences; see if your sales staff are properly registered

April 16 – Curber videos now on the website

Other topics: Morrey Auto Group

March 24 – VSA salesperson licence application now includes a criminal record check fee

Other topics : Open Road Auto Group

March 22 – Transfer/Tax form requires complete vehicle declaration (APV9T)

Other topics: Additional information about APV9T

March 16 – Motorcycle/PowerSports division of the ARA proposed

Other topics : Motorcycle & PowerSports Industry meets to discuss issues

February 8 – Level 2 salesperson sessions

Other topics : Special level 2 course for dealer principals & general managers

January 15 – Clarification of insurance council requirements – licensing to sell anti-theft insurance

Other topics : Anti-theft or etching insurance must be disclosed as optional

January 13 – Etching program sales require insurance licence – Insurance council publishes guidelines

January 6 – Salesperson banned for a minimum of five years

Other topics : VSA licence & course fees on the website