VSA Industry Bulletin
February 25, 2021

2021 VSA Continuing Education Unit

In order to ensure that licensees maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills needed to retain their licence, each year licensees are required to complete mandatory continuing education as part of the licence renewal process. Continuing education supports licensees in delivering a high quality of service that safeguards the public and is compliant with the requirements of the various acts the VSA administers. VSA’s annual Continuing Education (CE) Unit focuses on emerging trends in the industry and addresses any necessary legislation changes or reminders for that year, as selected by the Registrar.

Why do I need to complete the CE Unit?

Annual continuing education is a requirement set by the Registrar. Completion of the self-study, online CE Unit is necessary to retain a VSA Salesperson Licence. Importantly, continuing education competency helps build a higher level of industry standard and ultimately increases public confidence in the motor vehicle industry.

What is this year’s CE Unit?

This year, the Registrar is focusing on issues that pertain to business ethics and the industry Code of Conduct. The CE Unit 6 – Business Ethics & Code of Conduct will be available as of May 1st.

How do I complete the CE Unit?

Licensees will be required to complete the online CE Unit as part of the licence renewal process. You will receive an email 30 days prior to your licence expiry date outlining the steps to renew your licence and register for the CE Unit. You must complete the CE Unit before your licence expires.

The Continuing Education fee is $55. You are not required to take the CE Unit until you receive your licence renewal notice email.

For licensees who have submitted a 2-year renewal, you will be required to complete the Continuing Education requirement each year. You will receive an email with further instructions 1 year into your renewal.

Need more information?

Click here for Continuing Education FAQs

Questions about your licence renewal? Please contact VSA Licensing by email or 604-575-7256

RV Gas Safety Inspection Reminder

Warmer months are ahead, which means sales for recreation vehicles (RVs) will be on the rise. The VSA would like to remind you that most RVs contain one or more propane (or liquefied petroleum gas) appliances, a piping system and a storage tank, and these gas systems require periodic maintenance and safety checks. It is recommended to do so:

  1. at least once every two years, and
  2. every time the RV’s ownership is transferred to a new end-user.

Click here for the most recent Technical Safety BC gas safety inspection recommendations for any certified recreation vehicle offered for sale that includes a propane gas system.

If you have any questions about propane inspections on certified RVs, please contact the VSA Industry Standards team.

For any other inquires, please email us.

COVID-19 VSA Office Reminder

A reminder that the VSA office is closed to visitors.

We encourage you to reach out to us by email or by phone, as many of our services are available online. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 604-574-5050.