VSA Industry Bulletin
February 24, 2021

Gas Safety Inspection Recommendations of Recreational Vehicles

Please note that Technical Safety BC is advising motor dealers and consumers that any recreational vehicle offered for sale that includes a propane gas system display a valid decal indicating it has passed inspection for safe operation.

Most recreational vehicles (RVs) such as motorhomes, trailers and van conversions contain one or more propane (LPG) appliance, piping system and storage tank. These gas systems, as they are called, require periodic maintenance and safety checks. The recommended practice is to conduct these maintenance procedures and safety checks at least once every two years and every time the RV’s ownership is transferred to a new end-user. This work can only be done by a recreational vehicle dealer or repair shop that holds a valid gas operating permit with Technical Safety BC.

How are Propane Systems Inspected?

Recreational vehicle service facilities that hold a Technical Safety BC gas operating permit are required to employ certified recreational vehicle technicians who perform the maintenance and safety checks. These technicians ensure that the gas appliances operate safely and that the gas distribution system is leak free.

The technician then completes the Propane System Inspection Check List. A copy of this form is available directly from a Technical Safety BC office or by contacting them through their website. The completed inspection check list should remain with the vehicle for the owner’s information.

After the system has passed the safety inspection by the certified technician, a Technical Safety BC inspection decal will be affixed to the RV, preferably in close proximity to the propane container(s). The information on the decal will include the date the propane safety inspection was performed, the facility’s shop number, and the technician’s registration number. Information about the vehicle and the work performed is also recorded on a Technical Safety BC Vehicle List form. These decals and log record forms can be purchased at most Technical Safety BC offices by facilities holding an appropriate operating permit.

Remember- Propane Inspection Service Providers must be Registered:

It is a legal requirement for all RV service facilities that provide propane inspection services to be registered with Technical Safety BC. The registration process for an RV dealer or service facility includes:

  • Obtaining a $10,000 surety bond from a bonding company;
  • Submitting the original bond, with an application for the annual recreational vehicle operating permit, to Technical Safety BC;
  • Followed by Technical Safety BC invoicing the operating permit applicant and, upon receipt of payment, will issue to the applicant a recreational vehicle permit to operate. This operating permit is valid for one year.

Click here for Technical Safety BC’s Information bulletin on Gas Safety Inspection of RVs.