VSA Industry Dealer Alert
November 25, 2021

Dealer Alert


Please be on the alert for Identify and Credit Fraud for persons using the assumed names. Fraudulent purchase attempts have occurred at multiple dealerships within BC and AB over the last couple days. It appears that this type of activity is on the increase. Typically these attempts are out-of-province purchases.

This is an important reminder to all dealers to ensure proper processes are in place when it comes to online or out of province sales. Please ensure that a person’s identification is thoroughly vetted and that credit applications or credit card payments match appropriately.

Tips for Verifying Identification:

Third party verification services are available from both Equifax and TransUnion.

Here are some tips to follow when verifying an individual’s identification

Study the cardholder information as well as identification:

  • Listen or watch for signs of anxiety (online meetings or in person)
  • Compare the physical description to the cardholder
  • Compare the picture to the person (ask for better visuals if needed)
  • Compare the signatures – if the cardholder is signing for something
  • Ask the cardholder questions about their ID
  • Ask for a second form of photo ID, such as a current passport (especially if out of province identification is used).

Please be on alert for fake identification. Follow your dealership’s guidelines and educate yourself on potential identification fraud.

The following link provides information on how to identify a legitimate BC Driver’s License:


Standard features of a BC Driver’s License:

Examine the ID carefully:

  • Polycarbonate, durable design, you will notice a “tinny” sound if dropped on a hard surface
  • Raised laser etching of the name on the surface of the card
  • Miniature/Micro-printing throughout the face of the card
  • Fine line background and security spiraling to make photo substitution difficult
  • A slightly overlapping raised etched signature to make photo substitution difficult
  • Colours that blend across the front of the card
  • A “ghost” image with your year of birth on the right hand side that can be felt by touch
  • Licenses issued in February 2020, and onward, will have the silhouette of a BC provincial animal.

It is important to review your selling practice.

Thank you for your assistance.