VSA Industry Bulletin - May 3, 2023

New Online Dispute Resolution Service: Connector

VSA’s New Online Dispute Resolution Service: Connector

The VSA is now offering a new service to assist consumers and licensed dealers with dispute resolution. This is an online dispute resolution platform called Connector. It allows consumers and dealers to try to resolve consumer issues online through “chat-like” messaging, without the involvement of the VSA.

Participation in Connector is optional for both consumers and dealers. Here is a 50-second video about Connector.

We thank BC dealers who helped the VSA with testing Connector. Here is some feedback we received from those dealers:
* Connector is a great tool for dealers and consumers to resolve an issue.
* Connector’s online dispute resolution process is concise, straightforward, and very user friendly.

Why use Connector?
* It is a safe and secure online space to try and resolve disputes.
* Negotiations in Connector are confidential.
* It is easy, convenient, and informal.
* The process is fair. Both parties have an opportunity to be heard.
* Both parties are in control of an outcome.
* Negotiations are usually the fastest way to resolve a dispute and to mitigate any reputational losses.

How do consumers get access to Connector?
Consumers may find information about Connector on VSA’s website and access it via the VSA’s online information tool My Self-Help. Here is a 50-second video about My Self-Help.

While we designed My Self-Help as an informational tool for consumers, it may also be helpful for dealers and salespersons, should they be looking for information on consumer legal rights and options for dispute resolution. Access to My Self-Help is through the VSA’s website: or click here to access it now.

Consumers may also access Connector following a recommendation from the VSA.

What can I do to ensure I do not miss an email from Connector?
* We encourage dealers to regularly monitor their business email addresses registered with the VSA.
* Notifications from Connector will come from Connector.DoNotReply@mvsabc.com.
* You may need to adjust your spam settings and add this email address to your list of safe senders.
* You may also want to check your spam folder to ensure notifications are not stuck there.

We hope that Connector will be valuable for consumers and dealers for early and effective resolution of disputes and will increase public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC.

If you have any questions about Connector, please reach out to our Consumer Services team at consumer.services@vsabc.ca, 604-575-7255 or toll free 1-877-294-9889.

Take a look at My Self-Help on our New Website

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