VSA Industry Bulletin
April 3, 2023

Announcement: New VSA Website

A message from our President, Ian Christman

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the VSA staff, I want to welcome you to our new website. Over the years we have heard from industry, consumers, and government about ways we could improve our website. We took everyone’s feedback and created a new website with ease of access in mind. We also took the opportunity to rebrand and refresh our look.

Our website includes three new features:

  • My Self Help for consumers to get answers to their specific questions;
  • Connector – an online negotiation platform to allow consumers to negotiate directly with dealers; and
  • (Coming Soon) Consumer Portal for consumers to file and track their complaints online.

We also refreshed the Salesperson Portal, making it more intuitive and easier to navigate. We invite you to have a look at the new website and its new features. You can now find us at VSABC.CA

New from the VSA: we have rebranded!

When you log into our new website, you will notice something very different!
We have rebranded and have a new colour scheme.

previous logo and colour scheme

new logo and colour scheme

We have a new website, and our new address is: vsabc.ca

To help you explore our new site with ease, we have provided a few tips below:

The website is available in multiple formats: desktop, tablet, phone.

There are a few ways to navigate the site:
Top Bar Search Feature: Magnifying glass next to language area
Top Bar Drop Down Menu: short description of items to select from
Side Bar Menu: simple headings to make selections from
Side Bar Menu: blue triangles in menu tell you there are sub-topics
Home: click on the VSA logo in top left corner to take you home
Log-in: top right side of page log-in leads to the salesperson portal
our new address: vsabc.ca

New Dispute Resolution Services

Starting today, the VSA is offering new services to assist consumers and VSA’s licensees with dispute resolution:

My Self-Help

  • My Self-Help is an online, anonymous, interactive tool that provides consumers with a structured way to obtain information specific to their issues, as well as options to try and solve them.
  • Here is a 50-second video about My Self-Help.


  • Connector is the VSA’s informal “chat-like” Online Dispute Resolution platform. It allows consumers and motor dealers to try and resolve consumers’ issues through online messaging, without the involvement of the VSA.
  • Using Connector is optional for both consumers and dealers. If a consumer chooses to use Connector for resolution of their issue, Connector will send an email to the dealership’s business email address that is registered with the VSA. That email will invite the dealer to create an account in Connector and to start online negotiations.
  • Here is a 50-second video about Connector.

Also, coming soon is the Consumer portal – an online hub that will allow consumers to make formal complaints to the VSA and check their complaint progress.

We trust that these new services will be valuable for consumers and dealers for early resolution of disputes and will increase public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC.

If you have any questions about the new VSA’s dispute resolution services, please reach out to our Consumer Services team at consumer.services@vsabc.ca, 604-575-7255 or toll free 1-877-294-9889.

We hope you enjoy the new format!