Consumer Protection Facts

Get the facts on over 25 different topics, including links to other online resources. The following consumer facts are to provide general information and are not intended to be legal advice.

Negative Equity
…or when you owe more on your loan than your car is worth

Referral Fees
Find out more about referral programs in BC

What are my Rights?
Know your rights as a buyer of a personal use vehicle at a licensed motor dealer

Vehicle Returns
You bought a vehicle, but no longer like it. Can you return it?

Vehicle History Reports
Learn about the importance of getting a vehicle history report and the three primary vehicle history report suppliers to choose from

Everything you need to know about deposits and the importance of written deposit agreements

Understanding Dealer Fees
Find out what documentation and administration fees mean, and when they are legal

Distance Sales Contracts
Learn more about distance sales contracts and your rights

Right to Inspect on Delivery
What happens when you order a vehicle and have never been able to inspect?

How to resolve a dispute
Tips on solving your dispute without the assistance of the VSA

Consumer compaints about Motor Dealers and Broker Agents
What to expect when you make a consumer complaint to the VSA about a licensed motor dealer or broker agent

Claim Process- Compensation Fund
Find out if you are eligible to make a claim and what to expect after you file a claim to the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund (MDCCF)

Access to information
Find out how to request access to information and what to expect from the process

Complaint, claim, or court action
Find out if you should resolve your dispute by filing a complaint with the VSA or through court action

Other places to go for help
A list of sources you can turn to for consumer assistance as well as legal advice and referrals

Legal resources
Where to go for legal advice and referrals

Manufacturer disputes
Where to go for help if you have a dispute with a manufacturer

Vehicles under the jurisdiction of the VSA
Find out if your vehicle falls within the jurisdiction of the VSA

Legislative Authority of the VSA
The VSA does not have jurisdiction over all transactions. Find out why

The VSA and curbers
What the VSA is doing to stop curbers

Personal use of vehicle defined
The jurisdiction of the VSA is limited to vehicles used primarily for personal use. Find out what that means

Compensation Fund use of vehicle defined
Eligibility from the compensation fund is limited to vehicles used primarily for personal use. Find out what that means

Consignment Vehicle Sales
What you need to know if you decide to sell or buy a vehicle on consignment

New, Used, or Demo?
Learn about the conditions that describe whether a vehicle is considered new, used, or a demonstration vehicle

What is odometer fraud?
What is legal and illegal regarding odometers

Understanding fuel consumption ratings
How fuel consumption ratings are set and how to use them

Vehicle recall resources
How to check your vehicle for recalls

Buying a vehicle privately
What to consider when buying a vehicle privately