VSA Industry Bulletin
February 22, 2022

Identifying Flood-Damaged Vehicles

The recent flooding in the Lower Mainland’s Fraser Valley and throughout British Columbia due to Atmospheric River weather conditions will have an effect on BC’s Automobile Dealerships and Consumers purchasing vehicles. Many vehicles have been flooded or have undergone severe water damage. Flood-damaged vehicles can be extremely unsafe and pose serious risks on the road. Flooding can seriously damage a vehicle’s electronic and computer systems, which control the steering, braking, engine and airbag functions. In addition, serious mould and rust issues can occur as a result of undetected flood damage.

Vehicles with a documented history of flood damage, such as those written off by insurers, are not eligible for import into British Columbia for highway use. BC registered vehicles that have sustained flood damage should be presented to either ICBC or a private insurer for a claim and assessment. If flood-damaged vehicles are assessed as non-repairable, they can only be sold for parts or scrap use.

Dealers may be offered vehicles from flooded areas within the next few months. It’s easy to miss a flood-damaged vehicle because most of them do not display obvious physical damage. Under the requirements of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, a motor dealer could be held responsible for selling flood-damaged vehicles, even if they are unaware that the vehicle has been damaged. To reduce the risk of selling a flood-damaged vehicle, dealers need to get as much information as they can.

Want more info?

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You’ve Asked and We’ve Listened.

We’ve heard from Salespeople and Dealerships about the VSA paper license cards not being durable enough. We’ve also heard that our previous plastic cards were preferred. In response to your feedback and preferences, we have now reinstated using plastic cards for our VSA Licenses. Since reinstatement of these cards, we’ve received positive feedback from the industry. Going forward, Salespeople can expect to see plastic cards with their new and renewed VSA Sales Licenses.