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Buying a vehicle from a VSA licensed dealer means that you are protected by BC consumer protection legislation and the VSA  can assist you.

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Smart Buying Starts at Home

  • Set your budget with all costs in mind
  • Know your vehicle needs
  • Research the vehicles that meets your needs & budget
  • Consider things other than price
  • Know the benefits of buying a used vehicle from a licensed dealer
  • Know the strict standards dealers must follow
  • Buying online or at a distance
  • Avoiding online scams

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Choose the right dealer
  • Know the advertising rules
  • Understanding documentation & other dealer fees
  • Saving claims must be real
  • If different prices are advertised
  • Plan your buying trip
  • Find a salesperson who:


  • Know what your deposit is for
  • Get the deposit in writing
  • Can a deposit be non-refundable

Buying Used

  • What the dealer must declare
  • What the dealer must disclose
  • Is As-is Where-is allowed?
  • Not Suitable for Transportation and Parts Only vehicles
  • Get a vehicle history report
  • About mechanical inspections
  • About warranties
  • Checking out a used vehicle on the lot
  • Test drive tips

Financing and Leasing

  • Financing or Leasing?
  • Understanding financing
  • What is a cooling-off period?
  • What is one clear day?
  • What happens at the end of a lease?
  • Lease end inspections

Transaction Tips

  • Getting started at the dealership
  • Negotiating
  • Documentation
  • The purchase or sale agreement
  • Other documents you should get

Problems After You Buy

Resolving a dispute when the dealer is licensed

Resolving a dispute when the dealer is out of business

Lemon vehicles and resolving a new vehicle warranty issue

Curbers and Private Sales

  • Curbers (unlicensed dealers) and private sales
  • Tips for buying privately
  • Checking for Liens
  • What is a Consignment sale?
  • Fuel consumption ratings vs. Actual fuel consumption
  • Importing a vehicle

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