Report a Concern or Issue

You can use this form to notify the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (“VSA”) if you believe that a VSA licensee – a motor dealer, salesperson, wholesaler, broker-agent or broker-agent representative has contravened the Motor Dealer Act and its Regulations, the Code of Conduct, or the applicable provisions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

To find out what issues the VSA deals with or not, see the Fact Sheet at this [LINK]. If this form was mailed to you, the fact sheets and forms at the indicated links will be attached to the complaint form.

If you have a dispute with a VSA licensee and would like to apply for dispute resolution – this form is not for you.  Please contact the VSA Consumer Services team at “consumer.services@vsabc.ca” or call us at 604.575.7255 or toll-free at 1.877.294.9889 for more information

Report a Concern or Issue Form