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Annual Continuing Education Registration

Continuing Education:

You will be given online access to the Continuing Education (CE) unit in an email after your payment information is processed.  As online access to the CE course is provided upon payment, cancellations, transfer and substitution policies do not apply.

Important: All courses are provided in our Learning Portal which is located at Learning Portal. Once you renew, you will be emailed a link to access the course.

The Learning Portal is located in a separate location from this website, and as such, may have a separate login and/or password.Access the Learning Portal here: https://mvsabc.paradisolms.net/login/index.php

Continuing Education FAQ:
Ongoing professional development is a component of licensing for every licensed profession in BC. This recognizes that every major profession benefits from updates regarding the legislation and practices that govern their work.

All licensees are required to update their knowledge of emerging issues at least every year. Licensees needing to meet the CE requirement will be notified by email one month prior to their license renewal date.

Still have a question?

For course payment or registration: contact VSA Licensing at Licensing@vsabc.ca

For course information: contact VSA Training  at  Training@vsabc.ca