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Lemon vehicles and resolving a new vehicle warranty issue

A new vehicle may be considered a lemon when it has a number of severe mechanical issues. There are no lemon laws in Canada, but some provinces require disclosure of any lemon branding from another jurisdiction. There are lemon laws in all 50 U.S. states that force manufacturers to buy-back and brand faulty vehicles as lemons. For used vehicles, the best protection is to get a vehicle history report before any purchase. The Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan or CAMVAP is available to resolve disputes with most automobile manufacturers. This applies to vehicles that are no more than four years old. CAMVAP will settle disputes over interpretation, application or administration of vehicle warranties and defects in workmanship or materials on a vehicle supplied by the manufacturer to an authorized dealer. If a CAMVAP arbitrator rules in favor of the consumer, compensation may be in the form of repairs, money, replacement of the vehicle, or buy-back by the manufacturer. No fee is charged for the program.