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The VSA builds public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC by engaging and educating industry and consumers, ensuring a safe and reliable motor vehicle buying experience.

Note from President

We fulfill our purpose by administering and enforcing the Motor Dealer Act and its regulations and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. 

At the VSA, we are proud of our dedicated and passionate team that strives to bridge the gap between the industry and the regulator, all while embracing a collaborative and innovative approach!.

Consider joining our committed team with access to programs, and activities that support a healthy work-life balance and fosters individuality and diversity.

What Does the VSA Do

As an independent, non-profit, regulatory agency that oversees the sales of personal-use new and used vehicles, the VSA:

  • licenses motor vehicle dealerships, salespeople, broker agents, broker agent representatives, and wholesalers
  • provides licensing courses and continuing education for VSA licensees
  • offers consumer information and assistance
  • investigates consumer complaints and provides dispute resolution
  • undertakes compliance action as needed

What Has Our Team Accomplished

Our team is diligently working away to ensure our organizational goals and our mandate is being met. You can learn more about what our team has accomplished in the last fiscal year from our Annual Report.

What Are Our Organizational Goals

Do you want to know what the VSA’s organizational goals are, how our team is contributing towards achieving them and how you can be a part of the organizational goals too?
Check out our 2024 Strategic Business Plan here.

Core Values


Hiring Policy

The Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (VSA) believes in equal opportunity and fair hiring processes when filling positions and hires only the most qualified individuals to ensure the success of our organization.

All employees and potential candidates are considered for employment opportunities in a fair and consistent manner, ensuring a transparent and fair hiring process to select the right candidate based on relevant merit for the role.

A conditional offer of employment is presented to the successful applicant, contingent on the applicant’s agreement to a successful criminal record check, and any other conditions applicable to the position. Reference and background checks, including criminal record checks, are conducted for all potential candidates for employment at the VSA. Once all necessary conditions have been satisfactorily met, the VSA will make a final job offer.

Why Work With VSA

  • Competitive Salary

All VSA staff are offered a compensation package based on their role, skill, and experience.

  • Paid Time Off

All staff are encouraged to take regular time off from work to relax. Staff are provided with paid vacation time, paid sick days, and the opportunity to accrue flex time for additional paid time off. What’s flex time? Instead of taking your 60-minute lunch, take 30 minutes and work the other 30 minutes. Bank that time until you have a day off and then book your restful day away from work.

  • Healthcare

We offer our teams comprehensive healthcare coverage including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as an employee & family assistance program for you and your dependents. We take employee wellbeing seriously.

  • RRSP Matching Program

After 12 months of employment, staff are eligible to participate in the VSA’s RRSP matching program. No need for you to try to remember this at the end of year one! At your one-year work anniversary mark, HR will provide you with the details to get setup.

  • Hybrid Work Environment

Many of our employees told us in our survey that they prefer a hybrid model of work, and that’s what we offer to our staff – some time in the office and some time working from home.

  • Hardware Included

All staff are provided with the tools they need to succeed. We will have your workstation ready to go for you on your first day. Missing something? Just let us know!

  • In-Depth Onboarding Process

In your first couple of weeks with the VSA, you will meet with all the managers and the Executive Team to learn about their teams, what they do, how you can support them and how they can support you. Your hiring manager and HR will curate a 3-week plan especially for you that includes all the initial training you need to be successful at your role.

  • Continue your Personal Development

There are many opportunities to learn and build your career. We support employees’ growth by offering job shadowing prospects, as well as opportunities to attend conferences or take courses. Interested in a course? Reach out to HR for next steps with your request.

  • Performance Linked to Organizational Goals

At the beginning of the fiscal year, you will be provided with your key performance indicators (KPIs) that are derived from our organizational goals. You will know exactly which goal(s) you are actively contributing to through your professional development plan.

Halfway through the year, your direct supervisor will have a formal meeting with you to discuss how you are tracking with your goals. Do changes need to be made? Do you need extra support? Did you accomplish your goals and need new goals for the rest of the year?

At the end of the fiscal year, your direct supervisor will meet with you again to complete the Performance Management Program. How did you do? Were you provided the support you needed to realize your goals? Performance reviews at the VSA are a two-way street – you get to have your say too!

How to apply

Do you see an active open role below that you are interested and qualified for? Send us your application. Submit your cover letter and resume to resumes@vsabc.ca

We wish we could contact every single applicant! We sincerely thank all candidates for showing interest in the VSA and for applying for open positions; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.