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COVID-19 Buying Tips

Click here for tips for buying a vehicle during COVID-19

Resolve a Dispute

Tips on solving your dispute without the assistance of the VSA

Buying Guide

Buying a new or used vehicle can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our buying guide for helpful information and tips

Buying privately

Thinking about buying a vehicle privately and not from a VSA licensed dealer? Here is what you need to know

Consumer FAQs

The best collection around of frequently asked questions about purchasing a vehicle

How to spot a curber

A curber is an unlicensed dealer. Click here for more information on how you can spot a curber, and why you should steer clear

Buying a used car

Click here for the People’s Law School Buying a Used Car in British Columbia resource

The complaint process when the dealer is licensed

Click here to learn more about how to file a complaint against a licensed dealer

When the dealer is not in business- MDCCF

The Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund (MDCCF) provides compensation to consumers who have lost money because a motor dealer has either gone out of business or has failed to meet certain legal obligations

Report a curber or unlicensed dealer

Click here to find out more about curbers, or unlicensed dealers, and to let us know about one

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Compensation Fund

Learn more about the Motor Dealer Customer Compenstation Fund


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