Consumer Complaints

What are the steps in the complaint process?

Click here for tips on how to solve your dispute without the assistance of the VSA.  If no solution is reached, please contact us for help.

The complaint review will begin only when a fully completed VSA Consumer Complaint Form and the required supporting documents are received at the VSA. Once complete, your complaint will be reviewed to see if the VSA has jurisdiction and grounds to investigate.

There are two ways to submit the Consumer Complaint Form:

1) You can fill out a complaint form, attach documents and submit your complaint online through the VSA Consumer Portal. This process is secure and user-friendly. After you submit your complaint through the portal, you will be able to get real time status updates regarding your complaint. You will need to register for an account to use the Consumer Portal. Here is a link to the VSA Consumer Portal. 

2) You can download and send in your Consumer Complaint Form along with your supporting documents. Here is a link to the Consumer Complaint Form.

If your complaint qualifies, it will be sent to the dealer for their response and you will be notified that a complaint investigation has started. The dealer will be given 10 business days to provide the VSA a response to your complaint. If a dealer response is received by the VSA, it will be shared with you. The length of the investigation will vary based on how complex it is and VSA staff resources. During the investigation, the VSA will contact you as needed. The VSA will notify you in writing about the outcome of your complaint and your options if you disagree with the results of the investigation.

  • Complete a VSA Consumer Complaint Form
  • File your complaint form by email, mail, fax, in person or through the consumer portal
  • Complaint review will begin only when a fully completed form and the required supporting documents are received at the VSA
  • The dealer was licensed at the time of your consumer transaction
  • The vehicle that is the reason for your complaint was purchased primarily for personal use. See the Use of the Vehicle facts
  • You must provide the reasons for your complaint
  • Allegations against the dealer must be within the authority of the VSA to investigate
  • You must read and agree to the terms of service
  • If the dealer is no longer in business, but was licensed at the time of your consumer transaction, you may file a claim for compensation from the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund
  • If the VSA does not have jurisdiction over your complaint, you may be referred to another agency. See the Where to Go for Help facts
  • The VSA cannot act as your lawyer or provide legal advice. See the Legal Advice facts
  • The VSA gathers and reviews evidence to determine if there has been a breach of the legislation administered by the VSA. See the Legislative Authority of the VSA facts
  • The VSA must act in an impartial manner, as required by the legal principle of procedural fairness
  • The VSA is not an advocate for a consumer, a dealer or a salesperson
  • The VSA cannot conduct investigations under the Business Practice and Consumer Protection Act (BPCPA) while court action is ongoing
  • If court action is started, the VSA will suspend any investigation and wait for the decision of the court
  • In general, the VSA cannot make a decision under the BPCPA that is different than a decision of the court
  • However, as a result of a court decision, the actions and business practices of a dealer or salesperson may be reviewed by the VSA under the Motor Dealer Act
  • Your information is needed for your complaint to be evaluated and investigated
  • Your information is needed for administrative action to be taken
  • Your information and statements may be shared with the dealership
  • Complaints that result in a Decision of the Registrar or a Compliance Undertaking will be published on this website
  • The VSA Privacy Policy guides the collection and use of your private information
  • You are agreeing to the use of your information for investigative and statistical purposes
  • You are agreeing that the information is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge
  • You are agreeing that, if the information you provide is a part of a formal decision, it may be posted on the this website
  • Click here to open the VSA Complaint Handling Terms of Service