Continuing Education

Ongoing professional development is a component of licensing for every licensed profession in BC. This recognizes that every major profession benefits from updates regarding the legislation and practices that governs their work.

All licensees are required to update their knowledge of emerging issues at least every year. Licensees needing to meet the CE requirement will be notified by email one month prior to their licence renewal date.

Every licensed salesperson in B.C. will be required to fulfil this Continuing Education requirement every year. The Registrar will place a condition on your licence, and failure to complete the CE unit will mean your Conditional Licence will be expired until you meet the requirement.

You will receive further information with your licence renewal notice email. You must complete the CE unit before your licence expires.

You are also required to complete the CE unit if your leave the industry and you wish to reinstate your licence.

Each year the CE unit covers one or more topics selected by the Registrar to address emerging trends and compliance with the requirements of the various acts the VSA regulates. The VSA will share the Continuing Education topic for the coming year with industry through our website and communication to salespersons employed in the industry.

To reduce time away from the dealership and the total cost, Continuing Education is an online, self-study module. The module is done entirely online and is intended to take approximately 90 minutes.

Course participants will need:

  • A computer (NOT a tablet or phone)
  • Computer speakers to hear videos and interviews
  • A high-speed data connection (cable modem, etc.)
  • A quiet place to work
  • A modest level of competence with computers
The completion of the module is needed to fulfill the CE requirement. If the requirement is not met, the licensee will not be renewed.
The fee for the module is $58. See the Salesperson licensing fee schedule for additional fees.
For licensees who have submitted a 2-year renewal, you will be required to complete the Continuing Education requirement each year. You will receive an email with further instructions 1 year into your renewal.

You can register for the CE unit once you receive your Salesperson Licence Renewal notice. Once your information has been processed, you will receive an email with access information to the unit.

You can register and pay for the CE unit online.

To register online:

  • Login to your Online Licensee Services account. If you have previously renewed online or established a user account, type in the email and password that you used to login previously and click on “Login”
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgotten Password”
  • If you have not established an Online Licensee Services account, contact the Licensing Department at licensing@vsabc.ca or 604-575-7256
As online access to an active CE session is provided on the next business day following payment, course cancellation, transfer and substitution policies do not apply.