Registrar's Decision

Registrar's Decision 13-05-005

File Number: 13-05-005

In the matter of THE MOTOR DEALER ACT R.S.B.C. 1996 C.316

Complainant: REGISTRAR

Licensee/Unlicensed person:



  • Mr. Robert Taylor borrowed money from three persons who were customers of dealerships.
  • Concern was that Mr. Taylor was using access to customer personal information at the dealership to solicit loans from customers.


  • Two customers had previous or otherwise longstanding relationships with Mr. Taylor which they confirmed. No evidence these two consumers’ personal information was obtained as a result of Mr. Taylor’s position as a salesperson.
  • One person only new Mr. Taylor for a short time and the first time they met was at the dealership when the consumer purchased a motor vehicle. Mr. Taylor was found to have used his position as a salesperson to obtain personal information of a consumer to solicit a loan. Mr. Taylor had been repaying that loan, but sporadically.
  • Mr. Taylor is not to borrow any money from past, present or future clients.
  • Mr. Taylor is to only obtain loans from institutional lenders and is not to use personal information of clients obtained in his role as a salesperson, except as is necessary, to conclude motor vehicle transactions without obtaining the prior written approval of his clients.
  • The conditions are consistent with the requirements of BC law under the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Mr. Taylor’s conditions will be reviewed in one year and a hearing will be booked three weeks prior to the lapse of his licence.

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