Salespeople/Broker Reps

Broker Agent Licensing Fee Schedule

Include the  appropriate  fees  when  submitting  a  Broker Agent  Licence  Application  Form 5.  If you are interested in becoming a licensed broker agent, please contact the VSA Licensing at 604-575-7253 or licensing@vsabc.ca  for more information and/or to obtain an application. The VSA will determine if a broker agent licence is needed.

License Category

License fee$111.00

Additional Assessments 

Application fee$158.00
Salesperson Licensing Course fee$459.00
Application for Renewal 
Broker Agent $111.00
Additional Renewal Fees Late Fees – charged on all renewals received by VSA after the license expiry date.
Fees for late renewal $210.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Reinstatement of a Broker Agent License$158.00
Change Fee – for any change of the Business Name or a legal name change$158.00 /change
(submit Form with payment)
Change Fee – for any change of Shareholders, Directors, or Officers$158.00 /change
(submit Form with payment)

There will be a $ 40.00 service charge for any N.S.F. cheques.

All VSA licence fees are non-refundable and cannot be waived. Licences are not transferable.

Please make cheques payable to the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC.