VSA by the Numbers

VSA by the numbers

Updated quarterly

In the three quarters of fiscal year 2024 (April 1 – December 31, 2023), the VSA dealt with 2927 consumer enquiries, complaints and claims.

Licensed Businesses

1637Motor Dealers
1362Wholesalers (dealers and independents)
8Broker Agents

Licensed Individuals

8800Licensed Salespeople (with employment)
4Broker Agent Representatives

Vetted Individuals

205Wholesaler Representatives

Licensees Inspections

653Completed Inspections
91%Average Inspection Pass Rate

Formal Consumer Complaints

843Received Consumer Complaints
698Closed Consumer Complaints

Compensation Fund Claims

4Received Claims
0Approved Claims
1Denied Claims
$0Payout to Consumers from the Compensation Fund

Completed Investigations

443Investigations for consumer complaints and claims
15VSA-generated investigations

Curber* investigations

(*Curber – a private seller in the business of selling vehicles without a license)

Compliance & Enforcement Actions

409 Education
84 Verbal Warnings
17 Written Warnings
5 Undertakings
1 Registrar’s Decisions
8 Conditions on Licence
$58,250 Administrative Penalties