VSA by the Numbers

VSA by the numbers

Updated quarterly

In fiscal year 2023 (April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023), the VSA dealt with 3359 consumer enquiries, complaints and claims.

Licensed Businesses

1632Motor Dealers
1299Wholesalers (dealers and independents)
9Broker Agents

Licensed Individuals

8541 Licensed Salespeople (with employment)
3 Broker Agent Representatives Vetted Individuals

Vetted Individuals

11 Wholesaler Representatives

Licensees Inspections

1111Completed Inspections
91%Average Inspection Pass Rate

Formal Consumer Complaints

867Received Consumer Complaints
810Closed Consumer Complaints

Compensation Fund Claims

2Received Claims
3Approved Claims
4Denied Claims
$35,352Payout to Consumers from the Compensation Fund

Completed Investigations

509Investigations for consumer complaints and claims
44VSA-generated investigations

Curber* investigations

(*Curber – a private seller in the business of selling vehicles without a license)

Compliance & Enforcement Actions

499 Education
Verbal Warnings
13 Written Warnings
4 Undertakings
2 Registrar’s Decisions
6 Conditions on Licence
$22,869 Administrative Penalties